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Our school

Established in 1891, Maroon State School offers high quality educational programs for a  multi-age class of Prep to Year 6. Our motto, 'Success Through Effort' is embedded  within a curriculum, which engages and equips students to be highly motivated and   responsible lifelong learners. Curriculum planning focuses on personalised learning which best provides for the individual needs of students. 

Maroon State School's expert teaching team provide an environment that is challenging,  structured and supportive. Students are afforded excellent opportunities, to investigate     and consolidate understandings, and work to their potential. Our school is exceptionally    well resourced and its curriculum reflects a strong emphasis on the integration of new      technologies and innovation to inspire and prepare our students for an exciting   future of lifelong learning.

Maroon State School is renowned for its strength of community and rural identity.            We embrace both indoor and outdoor learning opportunities which include canoeing,  orienteering, hiking and scientific investigations through the strong partnership we           have with Maroon Outdoor Education Centre. 

Our purpose

Our small class size is an opportunity to provide individualised and personalised learning with a high staff to student ratio. We nurture and guide the social, emotional and academic development of every student. Our multi-age, family grouping of students provides the optimum learning environment to launch successful citizens into the
future. The holistic, child-responsive curriculum targets the capabilities, dispositions and academic foundations to best prepare learners to work in diverse environments.
We celebrate the social and emotional benefits our small school offers. Our senior students thrive on the opportunity to develop leadership positions within the school community. They reflect on their academic progress as they become role models to their younger classmates. Junior students look up to, and strive to emulate, the older students providing support and intrinsic motivation to improve in all areas. We embrace a student centred approach to learning. Our children mix freely with all age groups, working and playing together. They learn the joys of cooperation, negotiation and communication which leads to good citizenship and strength of character.

Our vision

Be a part of something BIG at Maroon State School
Community Based Education - Maroon State School celebrates a united school community. We embrace our historical past and prepare for the future in a modern challenging world. We accomplish this by promoting a culture of mutual trust and support in the celebration of student success, while building enduring capabilities and skills, to harness future opportunities. 
High Impact Learning - We promote an environment, which values high performing teacher student relationships. We believe our students are capable of success and forge relationships built on positive communication, honesty and respect. The teaching   team promote a high standard of behaviour and develop a strong work ethic leading to high impact learning. This approach opens                                     
the doors of opportunity for lifelong learning in a preferred future, with no limits.
Rich Learning Environment – Every student is accessing the Australian Curriculum through a stimulating learning environment.  Students understand the purpose and relevance of their learning. Maroon State School sets high standards in delivering authentic P-6 learning experiences, which provide foundation skills for future success. We build confidence and independence in our students, enabling them to embrace challenges, and achieve success. We recognise and celebrate the interconnectedness between student learning, community and environment.
Learning Hub - Maroon State School strongly believes in developing professional networks across the cluster and works in partnership with a range of local schools. We promote professional learning teams and coordinate professional development for staff within our cluster to enhance student learning. Maroon State School is a leader in multi-age curriculum development and seeks to show case the positive impact this has on student learning and wellbeing.

Our values

We believe our experiential learning opportunities, diverse learning environments, access to a wide range of technology, connection to community and high academic standards deliver multi-skilled, literate, cooperative, creative and adaptable citizens for the future.
We pride ourselves on building a ‘community of learners’, where risk taking, making choices and setting goals challenge thinking and aid the co-construction of learning.
We are passionate about developing a sense of self as lifelong learners. Our supportive learning environment benefits all age groups as it builds an understanding about what, how and why they achieve, ‘Success Through Effort’.